Meet The Team

Improving Emergency Care Delivery through Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration



Scott Levin PhD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine & Engineering
With over a decade of experience in the development and deployment of electronic health record (EHR)-integrated clinical decision support (CDS) tools, Scott is our technical lead
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Jeremiah Hinson MD/Phd

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
A board-certified and practing emergency physician with a focus on real-world translation, application and evaluation of data-driven decision support, Jeremiah is our clinical lead

Eili KLEIN Phd

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
A mathematical ecologist with unique experience and expertise in computational techniques for understanding disease transmission, Eili leads modeling initiatives within the Center

Core Team Members


Matt Toerper

Senior Software Engineer
With deep expertise in data management, cloud-based computing and real-time EHR integration, Matt leads software development and deployment

Ilya Shpitser Phd

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
A computer scientist with interest and expertise in causal inference, missing data, graphical models, algorithmic fairness, statistical inference in semi-parametric models

Aly Strauss MS MD

Fellow, Gastroenterology and Transplant Hepatology
Aly's research focuses on fairness and bias in healthcare, with a specific focus on transplant medicine and the role of data science in perpetuation or mitigation of these biases

Aria Smith MS

Senior Programmer Analyst
A highly skilled computational scientist facile in SQL and Python with Epic EHR Data Analyst certification, Aria leads EHR data structuring, normalization and analysis

Kimia Ghobadi PhD

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
An industrial engineer with expertise in application of optimization techniques and algorithms to improve healthcare delivery

Diego Martinez Phd

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
An engineer with expertise in statistical and machine learning, network science and optimization modeling, Diego leverages data to support operational and clinicical decision-making

Susan Peterson MD

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
An emergency physician and recognized leader in Quality Improvement research, Susie ensures our tools improve the safety and quality of care delivered in the ED

Oluwakemi Badaki-Makun MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Trained in both pediatrics and emergency medicine, Kemi leads our team's efforts to improve ED-based diagnosis and treatment of children

Gabe Kelen MD

Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine
A pioneer and international leader of our specialty, Dr. Kelen is involved in infectious disease and critical care research within the Center


El Khuri

Chris El Khuri MD

Resident Physician, Emergency Medicine
Chris is completing advanced training in Medical Informatics and Health IT within the Center; his projects aim to improve clinical care through enhanced digital decision support

Russ D'Anton MD

Resident Physician, Emergency Medicine
Russ is completing advanced training in Medical Informatics and Health IT within the Center; his projects leverage EHR data and advanced analytics to improve ED team dynamics

Numair Sani

PhD Candidate, Computer Science (JHU)
Numair's thesis work is focused on development and application of new analytic methods to account for missing data in healthcare and enable interpretable machine learning

Stephanie Teeple

MD/PhD Candidate, Epidemiology (UPenn)
Stephanie's thesis work in social epidemiology leverages a mixed methods approach to study the socio-cultural context and equity impacts of healthcare data and analytical methods



Ayse Gurses PhD

Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine; Director, Center for Healthcare Human Factors